Swiss Goal company is specialized in professional management, investment and marketing in the field of sports at all levels; athletes development, internships organization. We facilitate and simplify the process of player’s recruitment by explaining how the procedures are carried out. Our enterprise and our trustworthy partners provide first-class sports camps for athletes so that they perfectly perform their training exercise and gain enough experience.
With Swiss Goal we cover a wide spectrum of the sports investment, our committed team consists of highly experienced and qualified coaches who supervise, watch and carefully examine many athletes all over the world to identify their skills and recruit them in order to develop their skills and make them great players.


Swiss Goal is highly determined to ensure the most effective athletes development and management programs so that they grow skilled, qualified and ready to cross their roads to accomplishments and stardom, we assist you from the start to the end and we surely ensure your success.



We make each step in our business with professionalism and expertise, we implement innovative relationship with academies and special sports management protocols, we are your best choice and our recruitment staff are certified professionals and know exactly how to boost your career.



We need you to believe in our vision, we are at your service and ready to ensure the most effective athletes management in an ethical environment, so rest assured that with our large network and with your trust we will certainly reach our goals and build a flourishing career for you.



Rest assured that we operate with well known sport teams and we will guarantee your place in such sports clubs, you will get enough respect and friendliness in a great atmosphere. You will be surrounded by your second family in high rated academies that take care of both sport and social aspects.




Upload your curriculum vitae in our website together with your pictures and videos about your performance, your experience if you have any, your CV must contain information about your previous sports activities. Be assured that we will carefully look into your files and contact you as soon as possible.


Our coaches and specialists will contact you and invite you for an interview, then we will organize tests for you to determine your level, your strengths and your weaknesses, you will be contacted by specialists who will provide you with any information you need and any necessary piece of advice.


We will recruit you as soon as our coaches notice that you are fit and ready for the special training programs that we offer, you will get an effective training and exercises, together with the opportunity for sports internships and camps and other concierge offers from luxurious accommodation to transport and medical services.

Football Manager. Nizar Hamdi

A smart and young Swiss sport manager who has acquired many experiences as a player in different High level teams, he has professional experience in organizing contacts and communication between players and many teams. We also provide Advice to footballers, clubs and associations. Mutual trust, respect and honest exchange of ideas these are values that matter, even in football. Day after day we are ready to be at your service, we need your trust and your full cooperation. It is really an honor to serve you with professionalism and talents. We ensure full Career planning; being in the right place at the right time is not a matter of luck for us: planning individual career steps will help you achieve your goals. Only those who are supported and challenged optimally can awaken their true skills and exploit their full potential.

Football Manager. Abdou Cissokho

Abdou Cissokho a great former senegalese footballer he acquired many experiences during his notable career as a player in different High level teams as the Senegalese national team. With great football skills and a wide international network, we always strive to help the professional footballers achieve maximum performance. We attach great importance on young and talented players, as we carefully watch, discover, promote and support them throughout their careers with professionalism and tactical knowledge. We have acquired many coaching licenses such as Instructor B License and Talent Scout License in 2015 together with UEFA B License in 2016. We aspire to support clubs in building a structural plan with a well defined vision for their football future. Rest assured that we make sure to steer your career in the right direction.


Here are some testimonials of footballers, who have joined Swiss Goal, in which they are expressing their satisfactions of our management services and their delight of being a part of our great experience.

Our Partners

We have built strong partnerships with a lot of sport companies and many great football clubs; together we ensure the most efficient footballers training and management.